Hey there! My name is Natasha and I am so excited to welcome you to my blog on all things health (backed by science of course!).

I recently graduated university with my Bachelor of Science in Biology. I decided to start this blog because I want to share the knowledge and understanding of biology that I have developed over the years, as well as the knowledge that I hope to acquire, in order to help others and myself navigate the path to living a healthy and balanced life.

In an attempt to clear the fog around the path to optimized and holistic health, I have two main goals for this blog:

The first is to dive into the ugly battlefield of health advice and identify what is science and what is pseudoscience when it comes to fads and controversial trends.

Something that has become increasingly apparent to me is just how much contradictory information there is out there. Specifically when it comes to what is good or bad for your health.

Everywhere I look, there seems to be someone promising that one supplement or another is going to change my life, or warning that I am giving myself cancer every time I leave the house, or that I am sabotaging myself with the foods I eat and I don’t even know it!

And worst of all, the information is constantly changing! One day coffee is good for you, the next it’s bad for your heart. This month’s trend says dairy is great, next month says cut it out immediately. This week smoking…okay that one will always be bad for you.

This bombardment of flip-flopping health advice can be overwhelming to say the least!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe, and often misinformation, fear, and desperation can cause people to make poor health decisions, waste time and money, or become downright discouraged.

I’ll do my best to present what information is actually legit, in an unbiased, fact-driven, evidence-backed way.

My second goal is to present the best proven tips, tricks, and hacks for living a healthier life.

I’m talking simple, efficient, and foolproof methods. Practical things like tried and true lifestyle habits that are exceedingly good for you, and that anyone can do.

Whether you’re super busy or just lazy and unmotivated (hey, I get it, I’d consider myself part of both these camps), we’re all looking for the same thing: how do I improve my health now?

Maybe you want to clean up your diet, or have more energy, or reduce your disease risk. Almost everyone has some aspect of their health that is less than ideal. Whatever it is, making changes to your health and life in the long run is generally difficult to do and maintain.

But while there aren’t exactly any quick fixes, there are still simple and effective changes your average Joe can implement in their life to improve their health in small and big ways.

This blog will present scientifically-backed, actionable insights to kick-starting your health journey or giving it a much needed boost!

Ultimately, I hope that this blog will help you make informed personal decisions and actions to streamline your path to optimized health, while understanding the science behind it!

Thanks for being here, and please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post or have any questions for me. I’d love to hear from you!

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