broccoli sprouts are incredibly healthy and can easily be grown at home

If you’re on the lookout for superfoods to include in your diet, broccoli sprouts are the way to go.

While popular nutritional powerhouses typically include vegetables like broccoli and kale, broccoli sprouts are highly underrated.

Broccoli sprouts contain high amounts of beneficial compounds that can greatly benefit your health in a plethora of ways.

Anti-cancer? Check. Protective against neurodegeneration? Check. Protects against cardiovascular disease? Check. …the list goes on.

Not only is it a great idea to eat broccoli sprouts, but it’s also a great idea to grow broccoli sprouts.

Broccoli sprouts can be grown very easily at home. All you need is some seeds and a mason jar! Seriously, it’s super simple.

This 3-part series covers everything you need to start incorporating incredibly healthy broccoli sprouts into your life!

Part 1: 6 Incredible Health Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

Part 2: How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Part 3: How to Eat Broccoli Sprouts (& Maximize Their Health Benefits)

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